Reining Horses for Sale

Reining competitions are very popular in the United States.  Reining may be performed by any horse, but the American Quarter Horse in particular dominates the field.  The reining horse must be agile, quick, and very responsive to the rider’s commands.  Powerful hindquarters are required to hold position in a sliding stop or a rollback, and excellent coordination is required for proper spins and flying lead changes.  Correct leg conformation is essential, as the limbs and joints are often under considerable stress in competition.  The horse must also have an excellent temperament to perform with both speed and precision.

What Makes Our Reining Horses for Sale Different

The Open Spear Ranch has several reining horse prospects available for sale every year.  Bloodlines are very important when selecting a reining horse.  We also improve performance by raising our horses on the open range. This helps with strengthening bones and muscles, and also improves agility that is so important when selecting a good reining horse.  Additionally, the calm and attentive disposition our horses exhibit is essential to any reining horse training program.

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