Stallions for Sale in Montana

Are you in the market for a well-bred AQHA stallion for futurities? Or are you looking for an AQHA stallion that you can use as part of your own breeding program? With more than 30 years of experience when it comes to raising horses, Open Spear Ranch offers for sale only a select few stallions each year. Regardless of how you plan to use the stallions you purchase from us, you’ll appreciate their superior dispositions and their strong foundation bloodlines.

What Makes Our AQHA Stallions in Montana Special

There are quite a few things that set our stallions apart from the stallions you might find elsewhere. First and foremost, our AQHA stallions are bred from top-quality bloodlines. Many have gone on to become very impressive athletes and have performed well in competitions.  With our commercial cattle operation on site, many of our stallions are worked on cattle before ever leaving the ranch, giving them a distinct advantage over their competitors.

How the Open Spear Ranch Breeding Program Provides Superior Stallions for Sale

In addition to breeding our stallions from proven bloodlines, we also raise them on the open range and expose them to everything nature has to offer from a young age. By placing our AQHA stallions in a natural environment, it enables them to develop both physically and mentally. It’s just one more way in which our stallions are able to train and perform well in most disciplines.

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