Why Horses Are So Popular

Horses are one of the most magnificent, mystical, and beautiful creatures on earth. Their poise, grace, and demeanor are addictive and serve as an inspiration for many to enjoy.

Horses are also part of one of the most famous of sporting events known, the Kentucky Derby. Millions of people gather together for this big-hat, elegant event as they cheer on their beloved horse.

Riding a horse is beneficial to creating a sense of peace as well as for gaining physical strength.

Other benefits of being around and riding a horse include:

  • Horses are very powerful and evoke inspiration in their riders. Seeing their strength, beauty, and ability to weather any storm so to speak makes them inspiring.
  • It is just plain fun being around horses, since they’re so engaging, beautiful and playful.
  • They have a keen sense of knowing what their rider and owner want. Horses are very smart and are in-tuned with what is expected and needed of them as well as clearly displaying what they need.
  • Caring for a horse is a wonderful full-body exercise. From the barn work, grooming and riding, you will get a better workout than you would in the gym. The back, core, and thighs are the of the body parts that get the best workout.
  • Horses keep us close to nature and help us to appreciate our surroundings. Without caring for the land with which the horses live and roam, there wouldn’t be a nice place for a horse to thrive.
  • You will create a friendship like no other. Most horses are with one owner for the duration of their lifetime, and together they are able to face challenges and bring peace to one another. You can’t put a price tag on something like that.

At Open Spear Ranch, we delight in raising and taking care of horses and we love to share our passion with others. Contact us if you are interested in pursuing ownership of a horse.